Xavier Vierghast

Repentant noble, soul black as tar.


Influence: 97
Worlds of Origin: Numitor
Known goals: Repent for the sins of his youth, crush the faithless, burn the heretic.
Notable Benefactors: none
Notable Rivals: Many members of House Vierghast


Legend has it that Xavier Vierghast walked the surface of Misere without an environment suit for a day and found it bracing. Tales speak of the day Eldar Corsairs filled him full of venom from their dreaded splinter rifles and he just laughed. Everyone knows the story of how his rivals, one by one, tried to poison him and how they all failed. Ancient and toxic, Lord Xavier Vierghast is dying and nearly everybody knows it. After years of acclimatising to every toxin and drug he could find, Lord Vierghast has finally outwitted himself and has built up an immunity to the rejuvenat procedure. Slowly succumbing to his old age, Lord Vierghast has discovered religion and has taken on the vestments of the Red Redemption. With his patronage, the Redemptionists are starting to swell in numbers, feeding largely off the large numbers of refugees fleeing Moab. Several of the Numitor Orbital Manufactoria have already started to mass produce the flamers and exterminator cartridges favoured by the Redemptionists, and three Vierghast ships loaded with combat drugs destined for the Imperial Guard have gone missing under suspicious circumstances.
Many amongst the Vierghast are starting to doubt their venerable patriarch’s sanity, but none thus far have had the courage to rise against him.

Xavier Vierghast

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