The Sisters Maisae

The Bright and Burning, Fabricators Ordinatus.


Influence: 117
Worlds of Origin: Mezoa
Known goals: Recover STCs, expand the knowledge of humanity.
Notable Benefactors: None
Notable Rivals: Council of Mycenia


Twins recruited into the Mechanicus nearly a millennia ago, the Sisters Maisae have been the greatest Fabricator Mezoa has seen in its recorded history. Recovering no less than four STC fragments relating to energy weapons from the cursed Borealis Crystal, the sisters have granted Mezoa a reputation for high end energy weapons to nearly rival the famed forge of Ryza itself.
As the sisters progressed through their studies, they performed a large number of cortical modifications to best understand all concepts in existence. One sister underwent the Rite of Pure Thought purging all emotions from her mind. The other implanted chem glands and removed neural filters from her mind, driving her to a state of constantly heighted emotions and instincts. Working together, the two of them could understand all aspects of a problem, using a mix of cold logic and intuitive jumps. After one of their bodies was damaged beyond the point of repair in a disastrous plasma overload, the sisters underwent the Rite of Duality – two minds in one body. This, if anything, has massively increased the quality of their work.

The Sisters Maisae

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