Sub-sector Governor Edsan Roe

A fading light, a man under siege


Influence: 122
Worlds of Origin: Rebo
Known goals: Survive
Notable Benefactors: none
Notable Rivals: Noble Houses, Alizabeth Hulegaard, Phra Hui Intimuna


The governor is on borrowed time, and he knows it. Governor Roe is little more than a figurehead, signing off on House Roe petitions to gain more trade routes with each passing year. His position would have been unassailable, but for the desperation of House Hulegaard. Seeing their power waning with every day that passed, House Hulegaard has started to seek ways of gaining as much power as possible in one major push, trying to raise themselves to a position where no mystery malady could bring them low. Seeing another house gearing up for a major influence grab, the young Phra Hui family has also started looking at the governorship in order to expand their territories if there is any leadership battle.
With two of the houses staring at Governor Roe’s throne, he has taken matters into his own hands, slowly and legally transferring more and more of the sub-sectors power into his own hands until he has garnered more personal influence than any other individual in the Cyclops Cluster. Should another House attempt to steal his title, Roe will be more than ready to fight to defend it.

Sub-sector Governor Edsan Roe

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