Phra Hui Intimara

The Flame Shroud, aspirant to greater powers yet.


Influence: 94
Worlds of Origin: Halemnet
Known goals: Get more power
Notable Benefactors: Inquisitor Malan Drell
Notable Rivals: The Red Redemption, The Silk Women, Edsan Roe, Alizabeth Hulegaard


Intimara is a true anomaly amongst the noble houses of the sub-sector. Known as the Flame Shroud for his devestating abilities, Intimara is a powerful pyrokine, a psyker specialising on the harnessing and unleashing of fiery energy. Before rising to eminence n his house, Intimara served in the retinue for Inquisitor Malan Drell and has called upon that relationship a number of times in the past to intimidate or, as is rumoured, eliminate rivals.
Intimara has recently set his sights on the seat of power in the Cyclops Cluster and has been urging his House to support him in going for the Sub-sector governorship. While support for him is currently low, his inquisitorial backing has made him an unwelcome addition to the worries of Edsan Roe. Fortunantly for the Govenor, most of the influence Intimara can wield is currently being used to hold off the attentions of those that would rather see the witch put down, rather than elevated to a lofty position of power. Under normal situations, Intimara would be able to buy off half of the cults after his head, but Xavier Vierghast’s recent health issues and subsequent sponsoring of the Red Redemption has rendered them immune to Intimara’s influence.

Phra Hui Intimara

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