Lady Anda Merlos

Pawn or player, even the Inquisition are uncertain.


Influence: 12
Worlds of Origin: Lithore
Known goals: Provide the best tea service on Lithore Orbital
Notable Benefactors: unknown
Notable Rivals: Various crime lords and protection rackets.

If anyone wishes to speak with House Merlos and doesn’t simply wait to be approached, their first stop is usually the White Dove Teahouse on Lithore orbital. The Lady Anda operates a surprisingly clean operation for that station, and her tea house is patronised by many who wish to escape the toil and hardship of working on the solar collectors for long enough to enjoy a simple tea ceremony. Lady Anda will be the first to tell you that she has no wish of entering into the power struggles and squabbles of her family, simply that she wishes to operate a simple shop. Those that do approach her with overtures to the family, and are willing to wait patiently as the various courtesans in the store serve them their brewed beverages, often find themselves approached soon afterwards by representatives of the Merlos – for good or ill.

Lady Anda Merlos

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