Iram Anastoz

Lord of the Underworld


Influence: unknown, presumed 60+
Worlds of Origin: Lithore
Known goals: na
Notable Benefactors: na
Notable Rivals: Xanatov-Hulegaard Dynasty, Adeptus Arbites


Anastoz is one of the many crime lords to have sprung from the Lithore Orbital. Rising from the ranks of the genestock ratings, Anastoz first came to prominence as a gang leader who managed to take control several of the Orbital’s sub-layers. He was considered irrelevant until he led his gang in a raid to capture the free captain vessel Chains of Profit.
After killing, converting or locking away the command crew, Anastoz secured his place amongst the high end crime lords of the Cyclops Cluster with a number of high end assaults on Platean Ore shipments.
Despite his genestock breed and background, Anastoz doesn’t appear to have the normal congenital lack of intellect bred into the abhumans. All indications show that he is exceptionally intelligent and more than one Arbite assault on his holdings has failed due to the arbites underestimating his abilities.

Iram Anastoz

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