Grand Admiral Alizabeth Hulegaard

The last and greatest hope for House Hulegaard


Influence: 87
Worlds of Origin: Rebo
Known goals: S_tart a new Crusade, become sector governor_
Notable Benefactors: none
Notable Rivals: House Roe


Third in line to the Matriarchy and Grand Admiral of the Battlefleet Gothic, Alizabeth Hulegaard is one of the up and coming power houses of the Cyclops Cluster. Possessed of a keen tactical mind and cold ambition, Admiral Hulegaard is known to friends and enemies alike as being ruthless in both war and politics, considering them largely to be the same thing. Her ambition to gain control over the sector is well known and many members of the nobility, not just her own house, believe she has the capacity to take it. This has made her exceptionally unpopular amongst the members of House Roe.
Admiral Hulegaard is probably best known for her Flagship, the Mars-class Battlecruiser Spear of Tartarus. The Spear is dangerous enough as it is, but combined with the Admiral and her handpicked officer cadre, it is almost unbeatable in battle.

Grand Admiral Alizabeth Hulegaard

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