Cardinal Titus Orden

Cardinal of the Cyclops Cluster


Influence: 72
Worlds of Origin: Moab
Known goals: Restore the might of the Ecclesiarchy, punish those that let Moab fall
Notable Benefactors: Xavier Vierghast
Notable Rivals: Bishop Mikael Arint, The Warpcaller


Cardinal Titus Orden is the spiritual leader of the entirety of the Cyclops Cluster. Elevated from a mere Confessor serving House Merlos, Orden has had a career largely founded on following ritual to the letter, opposing any change to the social order of the sub-sector and being quick to punish those that dare question the natural order of things. It is the Ecclesiarchies worst kept secret that the Cult of the Red Redemption and the Brothers of Saint Aebastian both have the personal support of the Cardinal, who likens them to holy exterminators, weeding out the sins of those that would otherwise avoid the church.
Cardinal Orden has recently lost much face with the church after fleeing Moab as soon as the early effects of the Tyranid fleet were felt. Fleeing to Numitor to seek sanctuary within the House Merlos orbital estates, Orden was turned away at the door for reasons unknown. Since then he has relocated to the Chapel of His Eternal Illumination in the Dien Song hive on Halemnet.

Cardinal Titus Orden

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