Bishop Mikael Arint

An upcoming Ecclesiarch, a threat to established orders.


Influence: 32
Worlds of Origin: Moab
Known goals: Restore the world of Moab
Notable Benefactors: none
Notable Rivals: none


Bishop Arint has recently called attention to himself after remaining on Moab as so many of his peers and superiors fled alongside Cardinal Orden. Bishop Arint distinguished himself by joining members of the Moab 3rd Mechanised Regiment in frontline combat against the foul Tyranid xenos breed, inspiring them to greater heights of valour against steep odds.
Many of his peers, both off and on-world, are now looking at Mikael as being the exact sort of priest who would be suitable at restoring the power of the Ecclesiarchy in the sub-sector, should something untowards happen to Cardinal Orden…

Bishop Mikael Arint

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